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We Care for Client and Community Improvement

We received the Best of Lee’s Summit Award in 2015 based on quality. We are a company set up to help people improve. Yes, with engineering, we solve complex issues with land, provide plans that make obtaining permits easy, create outdoor livable spaces, perform analysis, create engineering designs and negotiate with governing bodies. We create designs that produce long-lasting improvements to land to the greatest extent practical and meet our clients’ wishes. We go the extra mile to ensure our clients’ expectations are exceeded with our engineering design. As a result, we earn high marks on satisfaction surveys; 97% of the time our clients are very pleased with our engineered designs and caring attitude. We hope that by the time the design is completed, we have made a lasting impact with our customers. People feel the care behind our work and have commented, “I don’t consider you just a business contact; I consider you a friend.”

Our care extends into the community with our volunteer efforts as well. We currently serve on the Bridlewood Subdivision board and help at share drives for Life 88.5 radio station. Call today and see how Kahn Engineering LLC can help meet your engineering needs.


Engineering Studies
Engineering Analysis
Issue Correction
Flood Protection


Retaining Walls
Subdivisions & Developments
Civil Site Work


Infrastructure Development
Entrances and Turning Bays
Parking Lots/Trails/Sidewalks


Innovations W/R/T Land

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We have quality engineering services that extend until project completion.