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Whether you need a Drainage Analysis, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), Storm Water Management, Water Surface Profiling Analysis, Water Resources Analysis, No-Rise Permit, Drainage Issue Correction, Drainage Design, Erosion Control Plan, Erosion Control Management, Flood Insurance Lowering Plan, or Stream Analysis, Kahn Engineering can help.

Kahn Engineering has over 24 years of engineering experience. Kahn Engineering’s CEO Dan Kahn served as a drainage liaison and troubleshooter at WisDOT for more than 15 years. He attacks every drainage project with tenacity and thoroughness.

Kahn Engineering’s experience includes, but is not limited to:

  • Conducting a drainage investigation into a $20 million flood damage of a school
  • Designing large detention and retention ponds with complex outlet structures
  • Unique highway drainage engineering
  • Designing French drains, swales, culverts, storm sewer, and just about anything to do with surface drainage
  • Conducting water surface profiling analyses for the purpose of obtaining permitting
  • Conducting Pond Analysis, Land Development Drainage Design, Drainage Engineering, or Drainage Issues Correction
  • Recommending changes to buildings to reduce flood insurance premiums
  • Recommending corrective measures and completing designs to reduce the probability of future flooding
  • Negotiating with the Army Corps of Engineers, Department of Natural Resources, and other local officials to obtain proper 404 permits, 401 permits, wetland permits, city building permits and more

CEO Dan Kahn is a Certified Floodplain Manager and is licensed as a professional engineer in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Wisconsin.

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