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Keep Smiling in the Rain

In the Kansas City area this past weekend, we as residents of this city in the Heart of America experienced much rain and some ice.  What is a person to do when their field is soggy and full of water?  Well, I’m not the person to give you good ideas about indoor activities, but I can give you some hints to keep your fields from being soppy.

First thing is to make sure when grading a field to slope the ground in such a way as to channel the water in one direction.  Once you have all the water moving in the same direction, next think about how the water will move once it is beyond your field.  You may want to talk with your neighbors about what you are planning to do. Consider using a Swale or Ditch to keep the water flowing.  Make sure that if you are adding additional impervious surface that you consult an engineer for ways to keep the same flow or less flowing off your field, per the design precipitation event.

If you already know that there are wet areas, consider having an engineer design a French Drain that can reduce the amount of ponding on the surface of your field.

If you know that the area around the field is steep, consider using Ditch Checks to slow down that fast moving water to prevent hydraulic jumps from happening under large rain events.  Stepped Water Flumes can help or in those really tough situations consider using a St. John’s Energy Dissapator to keep water flowing at a manageable velocity.

These hints are not exhaustible but written that you might start in the right direction.