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Now that we’ve enjoyed the Christmas time with our family and friends; our attention focuses on the New Year, new hope, eyes on our dreams and a better focus and determination.  One of the areas that we might want to improve in the New Year, might be to improve the function or use of your outdoor living space.dreamstime_xs_40741590

Engineers are adept at looking at a particular area of land and coming up with some quite amazing ideas and concepts that could be built to improve it.  They can analyze the soil to determine how thick of concrete needs to be to support the outdoor fireplace that you might desire.  They can create a terraced retaining wall to create that balanced look between wall and garden or create a more usable area with a retaining wall below a patio.  The possibilities are nearly unlimited when considering the functionality of your yard.

Engineers can give you ideas about what might be of use to you; maybe a water feature or an outdoor kitchen, maybe a pool would be just the thing that would be the best use of the space or perhaps a patio.  Manufacturers these days are excellent at showcasing their products in ways that can also inspire you in these areas.  The engineer might give you an idea with a water feature and you may see something you like in a brick and block catalogue.  He can bring that feature to life that fits in your yard and design it to last.

You would be amazed at the ideas that a good design professional can come up with in a tight area.

There are ways to incorporate drainage, aesthetics, outdoor living and greenery that will make a lasting impression on your guests.

Pools with water flowing fedreamstimeextrasmall_17513833atures are quite common these days and add a nice touch to a yard.  A weir like the one shown in this picture, would not cost that much more than a simple pool.  It merely means adding a water pump and some added masonry.


Maybe consider the photos below for some ideas IMG_0276that you cimg_0091_3tierould incorporate in your yard IMG_1022this year.

Consider these applications.  If a particular one is of interest and you are p9245747serious about having it built, why not call Kahn Engineering at (816) 872-0862, if you are in the Kansas City area to have the feature(s) designed right for your yard?  We can come out initially and provide a free quote for you to consider having us design your yard.  Once a solid solution is in place, it is easy to have contractors bid on the construction of your proposed yard.