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Kahn Engineering can design your road, parking lot, trail or sidewalk project on-time and on-budget. Our staff has a wealth of experience designing medium to large roadway projects – even politically sensitive ones. Kahn Engineering has experience from the preliminary design phase all the way to project completion.

Our road focus includes:

  • Roadway design projects
  • Rehabilitation, restoration and renewal of existing pavements
  • Roadway construction management
  • Intersection engineering design
  • Subdivision roadway design
  • Planning and maintenance scheduling
  • Sidewalk design projects
  • Trail design projects
  • Parking lot design projects

Kahn Engineering also provides services related to specific sections of major roadway design, such as drainage design sections, erosion control sections, or retaining wall design sections. We provide outstanding partnerships with MoDOT and engineering consultants who manage these projects.

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We have quality engineering services that extend until project completion.